International Service

International Service
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Starting with the French immigrants in the 17th century, Berlin has a long-standing tradition of multicultural input also in religious life. In Berlin you will find many national churches from other countries, where services are held in the respective languages.

Many of those national congregations share a church with a local German congregation. You are welcome to attend the German services as well and take part in the life of the parish. If you don´t find your church in the list below and for more information, please contact the Ecumenical Council of Churches Berlin-Brandenburg. The Council also will be able to assist you in finding your national congregation if you are not of Protestant denomination.

Some of the German congregations in the more international quarters of the city also offer services in English or with English simultaneous translation. You are welcome to attend!

English services in German congregations

Still Sunday
Zionskirche, Zionskirchplatz, Prenzlauer Berg
Every last Sunday of the month, 6 p.m.


Berliner Dom (Cathedral)

Am Lustgarten, Mitte
Sunday services at 10 a.m. are translated into English
English-speaking Protestant congregations in Berlin


International congregations in Berlin

St Georges Congregation (Church of England)

Französische Friedrichstadtkirche
Gemeinde mit Mitgliedern aus verschiedenen Ländern französischer Kultur

Versammlung türkischsprachiger Christen Kreuzberg
türkisch-deutsche Webseite der Versammlung türkischsprachiger Christen in den Räumen der Evangelisch Freikirchlichen Gemeinde Kreuzberg, Bergmannstraße 22

Chinesische Christliche Gemeinde Berlin

Kirche Am Hohenzollernplatz, Nassauische Straße 67, 10715 Berlin

Den danske Christianskirke

Presbyterian Church of Ghana (c/o Vaterunsergemeinde), Detmolder Straße 17-18, 10715 Berlin

Evangelische koreanische Gemeinde in Berlin

Den Norske Sjomannskirke

Svenska Victoriaförsamlingen

Japanische Evangelische Gemeinde in Berlin


Rat Afrikanischer Christen in Berlin und Brandenburg

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